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Integrated Software

With integrated software you don’t have to enter the same data more than once, or waste time updating multiple copies of the same data.

Right from the outset we realised the efficiency gains to be had from a single, consolidated data repository. One that every user in your organisation could see what they needed to see, how they needed to see it. To deliver this functionality we built a very comprehensive database.

To make it less overwhelming to look at and to reduce the learning curve to a minimum, we built in the ability to customise the menu structure so that each user group sees only the menu options that are appropriate to the functions they need to perform.

One time I counted up the number of separate programs you would potentially have to buy to obtain all the functionality that is provided in BizMan - it was more than a dozen!

Components of our Integrated Software

If you would like further information on how using integrated software can save your organisation time and money, contact Tom Grimshaw on +61 2 9552 3311.