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Contact Manager Module

All contact managers are not created equal. Over the last 17 years we have learned a lot from the many different ways our clients capture, record, store and report on data. Some just need to keep a name and address and wish to do it as quickly and easily as possible. Some need a sophisticated client relationship manager. With BizMan we have provided the power and simplicity to satisfy both groups of users.

Here are listed some of the distinguishing features of our contact management software.

Create a Mail Merge List With a Contact Note AND Schedule a Follow Up Call

So you can conduct more effective marketing to your existing clients we have built a tool to help you export lists of name and email or postal addresses. When you enter the name of the file to which you save the data, you also get the opportunity to enter a contact note into the database for each person who will be receiving the email or letter. Thus you can easily tell from their contact history which promotions they have and have not received. In case you wish to schedule a follow up call we have also given you the ability to do that.

Mail Merge contact notes screen shot

Link Persons to Other Persons and Organisations

If you have ever had the need to track relationships (like who referred you to this person) you will really appreciate this feature. What we have done is given you the ability to link any person or organisation to any other person or organisation with any label you care to place on the relationship. There is no limit on the number of persons or orgs you can link to another person or org.

Linked persons screen shot

Store Unlimited Persons Related to an Organisation

Unlike other programs (where you are restricted to three or five contact persons at an organisation) in BizMan there are no restrictions on the number of persons you can link to an organisation. You can even create as many levels of parent-child relationship as you need for an organisational heirarchy.

Assign a Person Multiple Roles or Groups

It can be helpful to categorise people and organisations or to assign them Roles or memberships in various groups. A person can be a supplier, client, referrer etc. In BizMan you can set up as many Roles as you like and a person or organisation can be assigned to as many Roles as you need.

Roles screen shot

See a List of All Matching Persons and Organisations

Sometimes it can be useful to see a list of all person and organisations who match a set of criteria. In BizMan you can query on just Persons, just Organisations or on both.

Link Unlimited Addresses

In some programs you are limited to the number of addresses you can link to a person or organisation. Not so in BizMan. No limits.

We have designed the Address table structure to minimise duplicate data entry by granting you the ability to link multiple people to the same address record.

To minimise inaccurate data entry and reduce key strokes, suburb and town names are stored in reference tables and selected rather than being typed in full.

Relate Multiple Persons to a Contact Note

If you have an important meeting with three people and you with to create a contact note for each of their records you don’t have to do a cut and paste! You create the note for one person then choose additional persons or organisations to link to that note. This is very handy when modifications or additions need to made to the note.

Contact note screen shot

Relate Multiple Personnel to a Contact Note

Scheduling a meeting between three persons can be a challenge let alone a dozen. In BizMan, so you can easily schedule a meeting you have the ability to create a contact note for the meeting linked to one personnel then add as many other personnel as you need to that same entry. This enables you to schedule a meeting for twenty persons with one entry.

Store Unlimited Custom Data

No matter how well we plan we will never predict all possible requirements. If the business case for their inclusion is strong, the presentation format important and the budget available then the schema can be extended to store and display additional data. For other cases we have provided an unlimited ability to add custom data/value pairs. Storing a text, number and/or date value for each allows full search capability on ranges.

Custom data screen shot

Powerful Record Query Tool

In BizMan you can create powerful queries across multiple tables with point and click simplicity. You can name and save them for reuse.

Query builder screen shot

If you would like further information or an on-line demonstration of how our Contact Manger can elevate your productivity, contact me on +61 2 9552 3311.