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Custom Software

So your current software doesn’t quite fit your business? If you are like most of the people who become our clients you need software that does more than the off-the-shelf programs do. There is some aspect of your business for which the off-the-shelf products, good as they are, do not cater. You need a custom software solution.

You want to do more with less. You are looking for ways to get a much better solution than your available funds would normally permit. Like all our clients to date, you have a tall wish list and a short budget. Welcome aboard!

Apart from the above common features, most of our clients are very different. They operate diverse activities, from jumping castle franchises to festivals. But apart from needing a custom software solution they share another key attribute. They have a strong desire to improve the efficiency and productivity of their staff.

Let me provide some examples. Five years ago one of our clients had two staff. The three of them were passing booking diaries around three desks in a freight container. As a direct result of using our software, that client grew to Franchisor of the Year within two years.

The Sydney Festival is another client. We created a custom program so they could enter all their data for event management. That program is now used by several festivals both here and overseas.

Give us a call and tell us where your organisation is now and where you’d like it to be. We’ll do our best to create the perfect custom software solution to help you take it there.

Take your business to the next level with custom software designed just for you

If you recognise that your growth is hampered by having to use software that does not fit your business processes then you are already half-way to the solution.

Just For You Software improve the efficiency and profitability of our clients by eliminating cumbersome work practices, like double entry of data. We create innovative, custom software solutions that fit hand in glove with your optimal business processes and deliver insightful reports to drastically reduce wasted effort. Increased productivity can empower your existing personnel, often enough to catapult your business to the next level.

If you are looking for a company small enough to be highly responsive yet large enough to get the big jobs done, let us know what you need done. We are a small, friendly team, highly responsive to your needs and keen to give you as many features as possible in your custom software solution for the dollars you spend.