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About Us

Tom Grimshaw is the founder of Just For You Software. When he was running a financial services business he saw the need for software that did more. So instead of watching television he created software that did what he wanted it to do for his business.

People looked at what he had created and told him he should be writing software full time. Circumstances conspired to give him the opportunity to do just that.

Pretty quickly he realised that most businesses have a lot of requirements in common - they all need to keep names and addresses, all need to invoice someone and pay others, balance a cheque book and report to the tax man. Therefore it made sense to have a base program that provided all the functionality that every business needs but could be extended and modified to suit the additional requirements of those businesses for whom an off-the-shelf package was inappropriate.

That’s how BizMan® was born. The name BizMan came from “Business Management” and the purpose of it was to have a total business management solution in one program. It is a program that provides the vast majority of base functionality that most small to medium businesses require. Additionally it can be customised and extended to suit the requirements of your business.

Just For You Software’s business has grown and we have several in-house developers as well as sub-contractors. About 60% of our business is still writing custom software for those clients who need it and the other 40% is BizMan and additions to it.

In order to minimise the costs and maximise the client’s satisfaction with the software they deliver, we use the principles espoused in the Agile Manifesto.

In order to provide the fastest and most scalable database solutions we partner with InterSystems and use the world’s fastest database. InterSystems also make the leading application integration platform to get programs talking to one and other.