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Job Manager Module

The Job Manager Module allows you to allocate material and labour costs and charges to a specific job. You can then invoice those items individually or generate an invoice with a single detail line for the total of the summed charges.

You can even get a profit and loss per job.

You can set target or budget hours, cost and sell prices for a job.

For those people who have apprentices and who want to know the number of hours that a fully qualified tradesman would have taken to do the job there is the facility to view not only the total raw hours taken by all who worked on the job but also a computed or notional number of hours that a fully qualified tradesman would have taken based on the hourly charge rate of the job in-charge.

You can produce various reports showing lists of jobs as well as a single report showing a list of all transactions relating to a job (charges, invoices and payments) in chronological order.

If you wish to group or consolidate jobs, within BizMan you can parent-child them as many levels deep as you need.

Totally Integrated with Other Modules

The Job Manager Module (as with all of BizMan) was designed to minimise the amount of data required to be entered and minimise the duplication of data entry. To do this extensive use has been made of the relational database design and the other modules in BizMan. Rather than require you to enter data for a client every time you do a job for that client you enter the data once for the client (into the Contact Manager Module).

The Job Manager Module links to:
The Contact Manager Module for client person and organisation and address data, personnel and charge and cost rates,
Products and Service Module for products and services supplied,
Accounts Receivable/Sales Module for invoicing and the
Banking Module for recording payments received.

When entering a new job for a client you just refer to the client record. This:
enables consolidated reporting,
reduces typing,
eradicates the possibility of not finding all the jobs for a client because their name was misspelt for one of the jobs.

This is the same for addresses. They are entered once into the addresses table then referred to whenever needed.

Because of this tight integration you can even link a conversation note in a person record to the specific job. This enables you to pull up a list of all conversations regarding that job, regardless of the person with whom it was conducted.

Integrated Document Management Module

The DocuSifter® Document Management Module allows you to import and store in the database any drawings, faxes, spreadsheets or letters and link them to the person organisation or Job to which they relate. This can be a real time saver.

If you would like further information about BizMan contact me on +61 2 9552 3311.