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DocuSifter® Document Management Module

Lack of document management and an efficient file management system costs organisations dearly in terms of lost productivity. Have you ever spent time looking for a file and wished for a faster document retrieval system or a better file management system? How much time do you spend looking for documents that relate to a client or job? Wouldn’t it be great if every related document were just two mouse clicks away from the associated record?

The DocuSifter Module was created to solve this file management problem. DocuSifter is designed to facilitate the rapid and easy storage and retrieval of documents related to persons, organisations and jobs etc. DocuSifter allows authorised users to import files into the database and link them to one or more records. These documents can be easily retrieved just by going to any record to which they are linked. This will save hours of wasted time each year for each user.

The cost of document storage and document retrieval is not often considered in smaller organisations but can be substantial. If you compute the cost of storing a piece of paper in a manila folder in a suspension folder in a file cabinet over several years is adds up surprising quickly.

Of course not all paper storage can be dispensed with. There are many instances where hard copies need to be held for legal reasons. The rest of the time storing the data in digital files may prove to be a cheaper document storage solution. If those digital files can be directly linked to related data then what started as a cheaper document management solution may very well end up being an extremely cost-effective file management solution that substantially increases staff productivity.

DocuSifter screen shot

As you can see from the screen shot, permission to export, overwrite and assign permissions are granted based on user groups. Because the documents are stored in Caché we are able to provide fast, secure access to only those users authorised to view them.

For a while FujiXerox hosted an excellent article on how much time was wasted managing communications. It worked out to about $10,000 per year per executive. No having DocuSifter could be costing your organisation dearly.

If you would like further information or an on-line demonstration of how easy DocuSifter improves your document management, contact me on +61 2 9552 3311.