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Marketing and Promotion Analysis Module

One of the easiest ways to waste money is in non-productive advertising. People in suits who are eager to spend your money will tout the benefits of "brand awareness" and "corporate image" but for most of us that is a sure way to go broke.

A simple way to measure the effectiveness of any advertising is to link each sale to the ad or promotion that generated it. Of course you need either great software to be able to do that or lots of manual data collection and analysis. And, quite honestly, if you have a startup or your business is very small, the maual data collection and analysis still works.

But there comes a time when it is no longer cost effective to do it by hand. When that time arrives having software that allows you to easily enter an ad or promotion then link a respondent to the ad that brought them in the door or to your web site is worth its weight in gold. Literally!

For more than a dozen years now Just For You Software have tracked every promotional action we have done and can tell you to the individual person and cent what each has generated. We’d love to give you that level of understanding of your business too.

If you would like further information or an on-line demonstration of how to effectively analyse the results from your promotional actions using BizMan contact me on +61 2 9552 3311.