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Data Archiving

It is sometimes useful to be able to determine which personnel altered a record. BizMan allows you to store the user, the date and time, the original and altered values for every data edit. If you select to maintain the before and after values for every edit this can cause a much fast rate of increase in the data being stored. For this reason we have given you the ability to select for which tables in BizMan you turn on this feature.

Data archiving screen shot

Event Logging

Every menu option and every button in BizMan are assigned to the user groups allowed to access that menu or perform that function. Users who are not allowed to access a menu option simply do not see that option in their menu tree. For a variety of reasons it may also be useful to determine what a user was doing when. For this reason BizMan allows you to select which events you wish to log. Thereafter it will store the date, time and the user who accessed that menu or performed that function.

If you would like further information or an on-line demonstration of BizMan’s logging ability, contact me on +61 2 9552 3311.