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Time Logging Software - Integrated Time Tracking Module

If you need time tracking software that enables you to track times for billing or analysis purposes then Time Logger is for you. You can log on to a Job, select a task linked to that job, a product or service you will be delivering as well as a cost centre and any notes you wish to attach.

“What if I Forget to Log Off Time Logger?”

For quite some months after the idea of a Time Logger was floated to me I remained a strong advocate of my antiquated paper time tracking. One of my strongest resistances to using time logging software myself was the nature of my job. If I was interrupted in my programming by a support call and forgot to log off, the job I was logged on to would be over-charged. And that was of sufficient concern to me to hang on to my paper time sheet!

Now, I know I am unusual. I have heard the joke about the ordinary lawyer who had not done anything of note being ushered in to heaven with great fanfare. When asked the reason for the hooha he was congratulated for being the oldest man who ever lived. Puzzled, he asked the reason for this assessment. He was told, “Well, according to your billing records we estimate you to be over 1,000 years old!”

So I was finally persuaded to create an automated time sheet application on one condition. That if they needed to, upon clicking to stop logging time to a task, the user could “turn back the clock” to the correct time.

“What If My Staff Make a Mistake?”

I have had the good fortune to employ some really, really bright staff. I don’t know what it is about creative people or sales people but strong administration skills very rarely get handed out in the same package to them. When a programmer is head down and rear up into a knotty problem then they rarely assign all tasks to the correct job for the week. A little bit of quality control is often required.

Consequently I specified that the times are logged to a separate table then passed through a review step before being imported as job details. This enables me to, after the end of each week, run an eye over them and correct any misassignments I pick up.

“What If I Don’t Invoice All My Staff’s Time?”

We have that same issue. I have several jobs that cater for non-billable times. When a staff member is engaged in non-billable activities, like pre-sales technical support or promotional activities, they log those times to a job called ’JFYS Non-Job’, ’JFYS Promo’ or ’JFYS Pre-Sales’.

“Can I Compute Payroll From Time Logger?”

Absolutely! We do that here. You can even set up different rates of pay for different job types. When the times go through the review process the pay and charge rates are computed from the relevant tables prior to being displayed for review.

The Value of Using Time Logger in Connection with Work Planner

In the Work Planner Module you can enter a predicted or estimated number of hours each task or work item should take. Logging times against each task enables you to obtain an analysis report showing where the actual differed from the estimated.

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