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Custom Accounting Software

One trouble with most accounting packages is that they are built for a market segment. This means if you buy accounting software relevant for your business you are pretty much stuck with it or the pain of converting to another one. Custom Accounting Software, such as BizMan, enables you to acquire the functionality that is most appropriate to your current business needs then add more functionality as those needs change.

The architecture of BizMan enables you to tailor it to your needs. For instance you can switch off functionality, like cost centres, when your business is small and does not need them, then turn them on when your business grows to the size where they are needed.

Another example of this is requisitions. In smaller businesses they are not often required so you can turn off that menu option until it is needed.

If you would like further information on how using Custom Accounting Software can be of benefit to you, contact Tom Grimshaw on +61 2 9552 3311.