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Cost/Benefit Analysis

We have pre-populated this form with a sample efficiency improvement scenario.
We have also provided you with the ability to enter your data.
This allows you to quickly and easily ascertain an approximate benefit side of
a simple cost\benefit analysis.

Fields marked with * need to be entered.
*Hours per week that could be saved:
*Number of employees saving applies to:
*Average employee cost per hour:
Total raw potential saving per week:
Total raw potential saving per year:
Total company revenue:
Total company employees:
Annual revenue per employee:
Hourly revenue per employee:
Potential increased revenue:


The last figure assumes that the time saved is applied to revenue generation activities, which is not always possible.

That all employees contribute equally to your turnover and bottom line, which we know is an untrue assumption. All people are NOT endowed with equal ability and some will contribute vastly more than their peers or juniors, some even more than their seniors.

That a staff member works 7.5 hours a day, takes 4 weeks annual leave, nine days public holidays and 6 sick days a year - a 45 week year.